Wishing board

Here I will gather things that I want. I know that to get my wishes real I need to visualize them. Also this will be useful for those guys that don’t know what present to buy for my birthday or any other holiday. (prices included =)

Board games


1561_12612_1_400x250_lifeboat[1]“За бортом”

People are saying that Munchkinists (and I am one of them) will love it.


150 uah




My old passion. I love to play Renju with COTOHA, giving him no chance to win. Also watching on his attempts to own me is fun itself.

550 uah

  • http://twitter.com/COTOHA COTOHA

    Don’t take seriously Restuta when it comes to Renju/Connect6. I owned him to tears in every game we played :)

    P.S.: я “за бортом” заказал ещё в январе. что-то не звонят, не везут :(

  • http://restuta.net Restuta

    Для меня я надеюсь? =)

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