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Our team has recently updated to TortoiseHg 2.0 and everybody were frustrated with the update that came with it regarding shelving. Sometimes you simply can’t unshelve your files, while keep receiving the following message “1 out of 1 hunks FAILED”:



If you are aware of what I am talking about here is the quick fix for you:

Add following lines


eol = auto

into the next file



Why it happens?

It’s because of EOL handling problems when running mecutial under Windows, this line enables patch to fix it.

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The answer is simple:

Our mind always wants complex tasks.

That’s why we subconsciously always looking for this complexity. And this is where things become interesting. Its often a challenge for programmer to prevent himself from overarchitecting and overcomplicating solutions. It can become a real problem for smart guys. As far as I am smart =) this is a real challenge for me too.

What should we do?

I propose a simple solution – convince yourself  that keeping thing as simple as possible is a bigger challenge than making them complex. Following the KISS (“Keep it simple, Stupid!“) principle is a very difficult task itself.

It is very easy to make things complex when you are smart, but it is unbelievable hard to keep them simple.

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