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If you failed (because I am) to use Git bash all the time just to look cool and geeky, the following article will help you to add GitExtensions support. So you will be able  to call them right from your Git bash or posh-git.

So my daily usage looks like the following:

#will open diff dialog

git ex viewdiff

#will open commit dialog

git ex commit

#will open GitExtensions start page

git ex


You can use the following PowerShell script to do all the stuff for you:

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Some time ago I was looking for those command equivalents:

Subversion (SVN)

Mercurial (Hg)


svn add hg add git add
svn blame hg blame git blame
svn cat hg cat git show
svn checkout hg clone git clone
svn commit hg commit ; hg push git commit -a ; git push
svn delete/remove hg remove git rm
svn diff hg diff git diff, git diff –cached
svn help hg help git help
svn log hg log git log
svn revert hg revert git checkout -f
svn status hg status git status
svn update hg pull –update git pull
svn move/rename hg move/rename git mv

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Find it!

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